Shipping? We’re revolutionaries, not naval officers. Why do we need “ships?”


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The most extravagant idea that can be born in the head of a political thinker is to believe that it suffices for people to enter, weapons in hand, among a foreign people and expect to have its laws and constitution embraced. No one loves armed missionaries.
Maximillien Robespierre - 1792 (via littlebookofknowledge)

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Most people would never dream of touting around the dismembered bodies of White American and European kids after a mass shooting. Did you see that for Virginia Tech students? How about Columbine? Perhaps Newton?

Why? Because there’s reverence for their privacy and sympathy is innately felt, because no one needs a fucking visual aid to feel compelled to stand against violence when its against a particular populace.

But apparently, that standard erodes for Palestinian kids and ‘awareness campaigns’ trump respect and not brandishing most likely unconsensual pictures of foreign brown children brown up to pieces, existing on social media circuits to haunt family members and trigger other survivors of war who’ve seen those images far too many times in their life.

Get it together, have some fucking integrity and keep that disrespectful shit off social media platforms.


This right here. 

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He is taking a course on Marxist ideology.
He says, “The only real solution is to smash the system and start again.”
His thumb is caressing the most bourgeois copy of the communist manifesto that I have ever seen,
He bought it at Barnes and Noble for twenty-nine U.S. American dollars and ninety-nine cents,
Its hard cover shows a dark man with a scarved face
Waving a gigantic red flag against a fictional smoky background.
The matte finish is fucking gorgeous.
He wants to be congratulated for paying Harvard sixty thousand dollars
To teach him that the system is unfair.
He pulls his iPhone from his imported Marino wool jacket, and leaves.

What people can’t possibly tell from the footage on TV
Is that the water cannon feels like getting whipped with a burning switch.
Where I come from, they fill it with sewer water and hope that they get you in the face with your mouth open
So that the hepatitis will keep you in bed for the next protest.
What you can’t tell from Harvard square,
Is that when the tear gas bursts from nowhere to everywhere all at once,
It scrapes your insides like barbed wire, sawing at your lungs.
Tear gas is such a benign term for it,
If you have never breathed it in you would think it was a nostalgic experience.
What you can’t learn at Barnes and Noble,
Is that when they rush you, survival is to run,
I am never as fast as when the police are chasing me.
I know what happens to women in the holding cells down there and yet…
We still do it.

I inherited my communist manifesto,
It has no cover—
Because my mother ripped it off when she hid it in the dust jacket of “Don Quixote”
The day before the soldiers destroyed her apartment,
Looking for subversive propaganda.
She burned the cover, could not bring herself to burn the pages,
Hoped to God the soldiers couldn’t read,
They never found it.
So she was not killed for it, but her body bore the scars of the torture chamber,
For wanting her children to have a better life than she did,
Don’t talk to me about revolution.

I know what the price of smashing the system really is, my people already tried that.
The price of uprise is paid in blood,
And not Harvard blood.
The blood that ran through the streets of Santiago,
The blood thrown alive from Argentine helicopters into the Atlantic.

It is easy to say “revolution” from the comfort of a New England library.

It is easy to offer flesh to the cause,
When it is not yours to give.

Catalina Ferro, “Manifesto” (via dialecticsof)

I feel like people do need to remember that there is a very real, very painful, very human element to the word “revolution”.

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Enjolras requested by preuvairies
Inspired by this picture from Bioshock Infinite
Palette meme ~


Enjolras requested by preuvairies

Inspired by this picture from Bioshock Infinite

Palette meme ~

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I really want a well thought out les mis fic, with les amis caught in the arab spring- arab characters who have been oppressed for too long. Young students vitalized into action against a corrupt government by the vision of a brighter future.

Imagine Enjolras standing on a disabled tank; a single tear trickling down his face as he has to kill a governent ally who could easily have been his neighbour in another time. 

Combeferre and Joly trying to fix up the most horrifying wounds with next to no aid; while hospitals are being bombed, no electricity. Imagine them sitting with their friends as they scream in pain or pray to Allah or are simply silent as there last few seconds tick by and with ever last breath they breathe they truly believe that tomorrow there will be change and they died for a cause that will become historical. 

Jehan producing songs and nasheeds while Courfeyrac tries to start up and host an illegal radio/tv station even though every base is being bombed and littered with government soldiers laying in wait. Feuilly making all sorts of paraphernalia with the new and improved flag colours, Bahorel is their main fighter, taking people down, collecting bullets. Gavroche, little Gavroche, dies in action while being taped by Courfeyrac for Al Jazeera; this image becomes iconic throughout the world and it makes even more horrific that the western world didn’t rise when they called. do you hear the people sing.  

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Next older person to complain about millennials has to pay off a random 20-something’s student loans

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"Being nice" will only win you rights and respect if those in power care about your feelings.

Spoiler: they don’t.

Hanging from the exhibition ceiling are two huge inflatable cobblestones. The blow up props were first used at a protest in Berlin in 2010, where the police and the media were warned in advance that violence was expected after previous events had been marred by cobbled paving stones thrown at police.
This time, demonstrators threw the inflatables at advancing officers. ‘The whole demonstration changes instantly,’ Grindon explained. ‘The police have to decide what on earth they are going to do with this thing. If they throw it back, suddenly they are playing beach volleyball with anarchists, or they try and arrest it in which case they look completely absurd. They’re climbing on this giant balloon and their robocop suits don’t look so sensible anymore.’

"Why the Left Protests Better: A History of ‘Disobedient Objects’" (Nico Hines, The Daily Beast)

Citizens, I feel the need to bring to your attention the potential existence of INFLATABLE BARRICADES. This is hilarious, though rather impractical.


why talk about the 1832 june uprising as a “failed rebellion” when you could be talking about it as “effective state repression of protest”

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An “egalitarian” is someone who, realizing that a scale is imbalanced because there are six pounds on one side and twelve on the other, seeks to correct the imbalance by adding six pounds to both sides.

well that was the best damn explanation I’ve seen. 

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